CD REVIEW The Machine

Band : The Machine
Album Title : Calmer Than You Are
Label : Elektrohasch
Distributor : Elektrohasch
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

The Machine is a three-piece rock band from the Rotterdam area, The Netherlands. The music can be described as psychedelic rock with a modern take on old and slightly less older influences, combining several elements of rock 'n roll history. Let's just call it rock. The members of the band are David Eering (guitar/vocals), Davy Boogaard (drums) and Hans van Heemst (bass). 

On their fourth album Calmer Than You Are the Dutch trio cut down on the jamming and psychedelic and rather gone for tighter, more composed pieces than normal. So tracks like Moonward”, "Scooch” and “5 & 4” showcase some classic, but compact The Machine material. It’s just really good stoner with lots of quick up-tempo beats. The guitar solo are pretty furious on this album. In fact what I think is the strongest characteristic of The Machine is the playing of David Eering, he has ample opportunities to shred and he really comes out with excellent aggressive and melodic riffs and solos. The longer songs “Sphere” and “D.O.G.” take the heavy acid blues jams from a Colour Haze, Wo Fat and Hendrix to an extreme, creating powerful stoner rock songs constructed around simple, but memorable riffs and lumbering rhythms.

The Machine is definitely entertaining, perfect for when you want something fat and heavy to come blasting out your speakers.