CD REVIEW Trucker Diablo

Band : Trucker Diablo
Album Title : The Devil Rhythm
Label : Ripple Music
Distributor : Ripple Music
Release Date : November 2012
Review : CD

Another cool find from  Ripple Music. This record kicks ass! It kicked mine, and it'll kick yours. This is not the usual band you expect to see coming out of Ireland, you would figure these guys would be from LA or Las Vegas, or somewhere like that.

The band's main musical inspiration does seem to come from the biker party scene, a more commercial Black Label Society being the main element, with touches of Lizzy thrown in for good measure. Added to that however, are elements as diverse as straight ahead AC/DC, Metallica and Clutch, and just a touch of the old glam L.A. scene. In the end, what we have is a band heavy enough for the true hard rock and metal fans, but also not so harsh that they couldn't be played on every station from island to island.

Trucker Diablo does not really offer anything new or mind blowing to the genre, but they do it well, and should be on the radarscope of anyone that call themselves a fan of devil rhythm.