CD REVIEW Venturia

Band : Venturia
Album title : Dawn Of A New Era
Label : Lion Music
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date : 21/09/2012
Release : CD

Venturia is a French female fronted band, whose beginnings go back to 2000. Having signed a record deal with Lion Music in 2005, they released their first album in 2006, followed by their second album in 2008. Where they started out with a male vocalist Marc Ferreira, who left the band in 2009, they now have a female vocalist: Lydie Lazulli who not only has a fantastic voice but also has looks that kill.

To say this is a rather catchy album would be an understatement. All the songs sound quite nice, and are in a style that can be defined as being in the middle between prog metal and more traditional modern metal with maybe a slight hint of gothic metal here and there. There is quite a bit of difference in the songs, and although it seems as if the band plays it safe, it still is very good, I even would dare to state that some of the songs sound quite commercial.

A nice surprise this album was for me I can only advise to try this album, because for a French metal band they sound quite unusual.


Erik Morren.