CD REVIEW Winterfylleth

Band: Winterfylleth
Title: The Threnody Of Triumph
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic Head Distribution - Bertus
Release date: 10/09/2012
Review: CD

Winterfylleth (means: ‘winter full moon’) hail from Manchester (U.K.) and consists of (former and actual) members of e.g. Atavist, Infernal Creation and Heathen Foray / Ravenage (line-up: Chris Naughton-g,v, Mark Wood-g,bv, Nick Wallwork-b,bv, and Simon Lucas-d,bv). They play so-called EHBM, English Heritage Black Metal, and the band recorded two full lengths before, The Ghost Of Heritage (Profound Lore, 2008; re-released in a re-mastered version through their current label earlier this year) and The Mercian Sphere (their 2010-Candlelight-debut; review still available on the site’s September 29th 2010-update).

The third full length, The Threnody Of Triumph, was recorded again at Foel Studio with Chris Fielding (think: Moss, Darkest Era, Primordial, Ageless Oblivion, The Wounded Kings etc.), and deals with a historical vision on how people underwent the duality ‘grief of loss’ versus ‘pride and remembrance’, and how people deal with acceptance of Death and the preparation of both body and soul for a life after Death.

Throughout the years, Winterfylleth developed an own sound, and this approach gets perfected by a constant evolution. This third full length studio record combines the great moody spheres of Nordic Black Metal in the vein of early Ulver and Enslaved again (yet less than before), yet with that typifying own identity, those elements that define the British islands in general (think: Cruachan, Forefather, Ragnarok, Primordial etc.). And even though the whole concept does not differ that much from the past, I think the quality of song writing and performance did get better once again. …much better indeed… The atmosphere is so much denser yet, at the same time, brighter, and the emotions, the mood, it did all evolve into a more complex yet nicely balanced quasi-Bathory’an level.
Not new either, yet rather characteristic and, for the love of Your Personal God, not gone, are the shorter instrumental intermezzos with acoustic guitars and violins, by the way.

I did like the former releases enormously, yet this time Winterfylleth do penetrate my grey cells without one single second of loss of attention. The Threnody Of Triumph is a splendid epic journey from the beginning to the end without exception.


Ivan Tibos.