Band : Zodiac
Album title : A Bit Of Devil
Label : Cargo Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : October 2012
Release : CD

This album, although not strictly hard rock, nor AOR, is a true gem.

This band sounds like a mix between Thin Lizzy, and some Southern Rock band like Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s greasy, bluesy, and catchy music. I guess the key to their success is vocalist/ guitarist Nick Van Delft who has a voice that sounds very similar to Chris Rea, a voice that can equally well deliver a warm, cosy sound, as a more angry sound. Not to be underestimated is the guitar work on this album with some great riff work, as well as very good guitar solo’s. Oh, and they’ve included a fantastic cover of "Blue Jean Blues", a ZZ Top song, and their version is about as good as the original.

I hope this band will have success, since they’ve delivered a real gem with this album.


Erik Morren.