CD REVIEW Zombiefication

Band: Zombiefication
Title: Reaper’s Consecration
Label: Pulverised Records
Distribution: Pulverised Records
Release date: 09/07/2012
Review: MCD

Mexican duo Zombiefication (Mr. Hitch and Mr. Jacko) are a rather productive combo with an experienced past (Mr. Hitch is known from Inhearted or former singer in Rapture, Mr. Jacko plays in e.g. The Ill Over Death, Ticket To Hell or Majestic Downfall). After a demo in 2009, very short after both members started jamming together under this moniker, they did shock the world with sardonic grandeur by the release of 2010’s full length Midnight Stench. Most remarkable fact of it: the typifying ‘Swedish’ sound (production, approach and song writing). Footnote: too heard-it-before, unfortunately…

For the better part, Reaper’s Consecration goes on in the very same vein. It was, by the way, engineered, mixed and mastered in Sweden, at the famous Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna himself (he worked as producer / mixer / engineer for bands like Damnation Army, Valkyrja, Desultory, Merrimack, Repugnant, Tribulation and tens of others). Why not, if Zombiefication intend to p(l)ay tribute to the Swedish Old School…?... A huge difference with the full length, however, is the meliorated song writing. The five tracks on this EP are, in comparison to Midnight Stench, more mature and profound. The whole has been intensified but, of course, it still exhales those elements that made Sweden one of the top-notch countries when it came to solid and uncompromising Death Metal, two decades ago. The abrasive, blood-soaked guitar sound, the massive rhythm section, a couple of slashing solos, and the deep, growling grunts, together with the specifically melodic undertone, the unpolished, decrepit sound, and an eerie, haunting yet maleficent atmosphere, every ingredient is extant to create majesty from a Glorious Past (and Present!). Nevertheless, the average quality-level of the songs is satisfying in every single of aforementioned aspects.

For fans of Nihilist and, well, actually, you surely know what I mean…


Ivan Tibos.