CD REVIEW Acid Death

Band: Acid Death
Title: Eidolon
Label: Noiseheadrecords
Distribution: Noiseheadrecords
Release date: 01/06/2012
Review: CD

Acid Death, hailing from Greece, were rather known during the nineties. The band started as a Thrash-oriented outfit in 1989 and did record a handful of demos and EP’s back then, as well as two Thrash / Death Metal-oriented full lengths (1996’s Pieces Of Mankind and 2000’s Random’s Manifest), before disbanding in 2001.

The band, with former members of e.g. Kinetic and Brainfade (guitar player Dennis, by the way, is also active in Infidel, for those who do care), did record this third full length more than a decade after the last one, and Eidolon, which lasts for almost fifty minutes, goes further, much further, where Random’s Manifest once ended. Acid Death’s Death Metal is still enormously technical in play, not afraid to inject some experiment into traditional basics. And I’m not afraid to compare some riffage to Pestilence and Death (listen, for example, to “Convict 655321” and you’ll understand this comparison easily), then again Strapping Young Lad or Meshuggah, Pantera or Cynic, even though the average quality of Acid Death’s apparition might be inferior to those acts. The performance is rather groovy and comes with pounding rhythms and slightly screamish grunts.

More than once, the band does surprise me with ingenious ideas, then again it disappoints with predictability or even smaller parts of boredom. That’s sad, because the coherence, which is needed, especially for slightly progressive recordings, is needed, yet here it lacks of it. Yet again, some extracts are imaginary experiences, which isn’t but appreciable.


Ivan Tibos.