CD REVIEW Black September

Band: Black September
Title: Into The Darkness Into The Void
Label: Prosthetic Records
Distribution: Suburban
Release date: 25/09/2012
Review: CD

After a handful of highly acclaimed EP’s (the Contortion-demo, the minis Tide Of The Storm, Hordes Of Flesh And Bone and The Sermon Of Vengeance, and a split with Thou) and a first full length in 2010 (the self-released The Forbidden Gates Beyond), Chicago, Illinois-based Black September (an act around Chris and Jen McMorrow, formed in 2006; not to confuse with the Dutch one-man NSBM-band with the very same moniker) return with the sophomore Into The Darkness Into The Void, which lasts for forty three minutes.

The album opens with the short instrumental title song, which immediately hits like a sledgehammer. After a short droning introduction, you will enjoy a mixture of obscure Sludge and ultra-heavy Doom-riffs. This trend is the basic for the album. “Solitude” is a mainly (initially) slow and pounding track with a few blackish outbursts, sludgy Death-rhythms, heavy and epic leads and raw grunting vocals. The atmosphere is oppressive, suffocating and black as soot. “Rabid Hunger” is comparable, yet it is, in general, much faster and far more uncompromising, yet still with an epic and gloomy sound. The album continues this way: lots of dynamics and energy, a haunting sphere, colossal compositions and a precise performance.

The production, by the way, is just massive. This means: uncompromising, monolithic and rich. It makes this album a hard-to-digest experience, yet a unique challenge as well.


Ivan Tibos.