CD REVIEW Bury Tomorrow

Band: Bury Tomorrow
Album title: The Union Of Crowns
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 13/07/2012
Release: CD

Bury Tomorrow is a five piece British melodic metalcore band witch hails from Hampshire, England. The band is composed of Dani Winter-Bates (vocals), Mehdi Vismara (guitar), Jason Cameron (vocals/ guitar), Davyd Winter-Bates (bass) and Adam Jackson (drums). Bury Tomorrow have released two extended plays and two Studio album, Portraits, and their second album entitled The Union Of Crowns which was released on July 13, 2012.

The album is out for about a month and a half and managed to get itself mixed feelings and reviews. The thing is their metalcore sound is a bit commercial making it easier sounding for the ears for those who aren't into the genre or metal at all. But fans of this genre feel that this band is bit too soft to actually be placed under this genre. And i have to admit that this doesn't sound brutal or hard like other metalcore bands. So despite their accessibility and their musicianship, they don't succeed to conquer the hearts of many.