CD REVIEW Cardiac Arrest

Band: Cardiac Arrest
Title: Vortex Of Violence
Label: Ibex Moon Records
Distribution: Ibex Moon Records
Release date: 22/05/2012
Review: CD

Chicago’s Death-combo Cardiac Arrest (not to confuse with the American Thrash-act from the eighties; there used to be a Swedish band as well with this name, a Heavy / Thrash-formation that existed last decade) were formed in 1997, first acting as a duo, then turning into a full formation after recruiting some new permanent members. They did release a demo-MCD in 2004, called Heart Stopping Dead Rot, followed by three highly acclaimed full lengths: Morgue Mutilations (2006, Redrum Records), Cadaverous Presence (2008, Epitomite Productions) and Haven For The Insane, their 2010-debut for John McEntee’s Ibex Moon Records (review posted by undersigned on December 8th 2010).

In mean time, the line-up did change a little, but internal problems did not stop the band to continue with g(l)ory pleasure. Vortex Of Violence is a forty eight minutes blitzkrieg as from the very first moment. In comparison to the former efforts, the sound focuses rather on unrelenting intensity and energy (mind the change in play by the new drummer!), partly provoked by a stronger guitar-driven tang and, from time to time, a production that not only gives away the band’s Chicago-based roots, yet also softly hints towards the Swedish Old School. Strange but true, believe me, yet not new for this band did always inject their trans-American brutality with inspirational sources from the European (read: Swedish school, as well as the British and Dutch one) - cf. tracks like Conjured Beings, Depths Of Despair or Relentless Pursuit. Still the band maintains a certain grinding spine, yet most of the time it is rather repetitive and one-dimensional, and therefore possibly causing a sad interest-loss after a while, I’m afraid. Luckily there are a few slacks, yet only appearing very sporadically. The emphasis remains velocity, yet as said before, unfortunately too intensively of the monotonous, one-directional kind.

However, another nice effort, highly recommendable to fans of everything in between Deceased, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Incantation, Benediction, Grave or Autopsy.

Ivan Tibos.