CD REVIEW Cosmic Dealer

Band : Cosmic Dealer
Album title : Child of Tomorrow
Label : WorldInSound
Distributor : Clearspot
Release date : 2012
Review : CD

The late 60s/early 70s psychedelic scene produced a huge number of exciting Dutch bands, and although they’re not as well-known as their contemporaries Golden Earring, Focus or Brainbox, Cosmic Dealer were no less memorable for their heavy psych rock style. Cosmic Dealer has gained itself an almost legendary status in the Dutch 70s rock community with its live shows and debut and only album Crystillazation. Without gaining the commercial success, the band split in 1973. Cosmic Dealer’s second album, Child of Tomorrow, which sadly never really saw the light of day is nothing short of a superb recording.
The CD begins with 2 great tracks “Child of tomorrow” and “Sinners confession” which will take the listener back to the golden sixties for sure with the great vocal delivery that is very much like Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Byrds. Their material released in 1971-1973 has elements of 60s west coast psych, prog, folk and blues, as well as Latin rock touch. The guitarists put in a pair of fine performances on the longest and best track “Lifetime”, there are indeed traces of Zeppelin, Tull & The Byrds, but the band they most remind me of is Captain Beyond one of my favorite bands. “Society” and “Julia” are other highlights on the record and have very laid back, but swinging percussive grooves and really nice six string harmonies and fantastic guitar solos. “For you” is one outstanding song, with great flute and scorching guitar passages. The sound quality on the live bonus tracks, recorded in IJmuiden in 1971, is definitely not the best, but nevertheless the power of the band is overwhelming. It's stirring to hear timeless tunes like “Crystallization”, “Don’t you know” and “Cosmic jam” and I don't mind the poor sound.

Child of Tomorrow is highly recommendable and essential for your collection.