CD REVIEW Crysalys

Band : Crysalys
Album title : The Awakening Of Gaia
Label : Wormholedeath
Distributor : Dreamcell11
Release date : 19/09/2011
Release : CD

The Awakening Of Gaia is the first full-length release of the Italian symphonic/ operatic metallers of Crysalys.

Because of their style, one might suspect a long melodic symphonic introduction, but not in this case. It's quite the contrary. The Awakening Of Gaia immediately kicks in with the mind blowing title track. Chiara, the classically trained frontlady of Crysalys opens up her stunning pair of operatic vocals and it's like a blizzard striking you right in the face. Very beautiful, but you have to be in favour of it. Pretty much all songs on this album are bombastic and are mainly built upon some heavy riffs that really remind us of other Italian rock operas such as Rhapsody of Fire. Despite the fact that the ten tracks truly blow you away and have something catchy, it's a bit of a shame that this strong wind seems to lay down the further and further we get through The Awakening of Gaia. Maybe a bigger variation in Chiara's incredible vocal range could have helped making it all even more interesting.

Looking forward to seeing what this band will do live! Crysalys, you have me in your hearts and with The Awakening Of Gaia, you have me hungering for more.