CD REVIEW Dawn Of Destiny

Band : Dawn Of Destiny
Album title : Praying To The World
Label : Phonotraxx
Distributor : Bertus
Release date : 02/05/2012
Release : CD

I was more than just happy to find the fourth studio album of Dawn Of Destiny in my mailbox. It's such a fortunate success of this band to keep doing what they do best: creating a wonderful example of power metal, complete with a female singer. On Praying To The World, the band's latest release, this is no different.

It's quite obvious that (fortunately) it's Jeanette who takes most of the vocals for her account. However, there's also some room for extreme vocals. It doesn't just end there. The addition of choirs and the beautiful harmony of their co-singing remind us of a band like Dragonforce. There's just a small difference between the two bands: Dawn of Destiny seem to successfully outrun this latter band musically. Some people might like it, some will definitely hate it, but some of the tracks are just way to melodic and sometimes they even remind me of a band like Abba. Don't get me wrong. Abba delivered some great pieces of music, but on Praying To The World, Dawn Of Destiny have simply taken it a step too far.

Some will love it, some will hate. Well, quite honestly I have to say that I love 75% of it and I dislike (not hate) 25% of what's on this album.