Band: Degial
Title: Death’s Striking Wings
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records
Distribution: Sure Shot Worx
Release date: 29/06/2012
Review: CD

Degial (formerly: Degial Of Embos; under this moniker the band, back then a trio recorded just a couple of demos) nowadays are a Swedish quartet (actually they hail from Uppsala) with former, actual or session members of e.g. Watain, Repugnant and Malign. They were formed in 2005 in order to pay tribute to the Swedish (specifically), and international (more generally) Death Metal scene from the Oldest School. Except for a demo (in 2006) and a 7”EP (Death And Darkness Buries All…, released in 2010 through Blood Harvest), the band didn’t record anything official, so this album, called Death’s Striking Wings, is Degial’s long awaited debut full length.

The whole got recorded at the Gutterview Recorders studio, owned by producer / engineer Fred Estby, one of Sweden’s most famous musicians when it comes to the core of Death Metal. Mind this guy’s activities in acts like Carnage or Dismember, amongst others; and active as producer for notorious formations like, for example, Thyrfing, Repugnant, Desultory, Hypocrite, In Battle, Centinex, Necrophobic and many, many more. Death’s Striking Wings (35:45 minutes) is a sledge hammer brutally crushing your skull, sadistically piercing your sweet ear drums with a blazing barbed needle, with no intention to show mercy! What does it mean? Hell yeah, it’s f*cking heavy, this stuff, it’s harsh, rude and fat. The tracks are mainly speed up with repetitive rhythms and flashy solos, deep growling grunts and a devastating power in general. Imagine the production: dry and gritty, grinding and clutching, rough and unpolished, yet oh so smartly corresponding to this kind of Old School grandeur.

Damn, Death’s Striking Wings is such an album that truly brings ‘morbid’ Old School Death Metal with both a blackish and a thrashy edge, and therefore highly recommended to everyone who can appreciate, well, let’s say, everything in between (especially) old Morbid Angel (era late eighties - very early nineties), Possessed (many guitar leads remind me a lot to Seven Churches), Nile, Gravehammer / Ensnared, Necrovore, Repugnant, Autopsy, Nihilist, Morbid or Hatespawn.


Ivan Tibos.