CD REVIEW Disintegrate

Band: Disintegrate
Title: Parasites Of A Shifting Future
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Suburban
Release date: 27/07/2012
Review: CD

The Dutch formation Disintegrate was founded in 2005 and debuted in 2008 with the convincing mini-album Destructive Capacity. In mean time, they played a lot of live performances; they did, for example, perform on 2009’s Wâldrock festival. In 2010, Disintegrate started working on their debut full length, called Parasites Of A Shifting Future, originally self-released that very same year, and the album finally got mixed and mastered by ReVamp / Morblast / The Blackest Grey-member Jord Otto (who also contributed with a guest guitar solo on Art Of Clairvoyance). In mean time the members started writing on new material for the second full length, which will be finalised later this year, I guess.

The quintet (Danny Boonstra-v&k, guitar players Leo van Leijen and Jos Hindriks, Joran Dijkstra-d, and Sander Stegeman-b) brings a non-original form of modern and melodic Death / Thrash Metal, yet it comes with an acceptable performance and suitable song writing. First point of importance to mention is: the dual vocals. At the one hand, you got the guttural thrashing screams, at the other the deep grunts right from the belly. When it comes to the instrumental part on Parasites Of A Shifting Future, you need to enjoy the perfect balance in between melody (going for both the lead guitars as well as the song structures) and aggression (e.g. certain blasting outbursts). There is some variety in tempo, and from time to time the band adds something ‘different’ - think about some weird keyboard lines, the addition of female vocals in “The Subtle Decay” (performed by Claudia Edwards van Muijen, whom you might know from her co-operation with e.g. Lyonite or TDW), or the nice introduction on “The Architect”.

There’s a certain progressive / industrialised hint included, which more than once might be inspired by Pestilence’s Testimony Of The Ancients / Spheres-era. Yet besides a modest influence by their compatriots, Disintegrate implements elements from a trans-European basement, and then I’m referring, especially, to the German and Swedish Thrash / Death scene.


Ivan Tibos.