CD REVIEW Father Golem

Band : Father Golem
Album Title : I/O
Label : Own Release
Distributor :
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD.

The Spanish band Father Golem has delivered a first class prog metal album called I/O which surprisingly has been ignored or overlooked by the media.

I mean, significantly more fuss has been made for bands and albums which would have not deserved as much as Father Golem did. But that is something that happens quite often. They know each other since more than ten years and thus they are perfectly tuned to each other, which you can tell time and again from the great harmonies of their partly quite complex music. A bit of old Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and Andromeda here and a bit of Tool and Opeth there and you get a rough idea of what this album contains. I/O is a bit hard to digest at first, but it grows with time in case you are patient enough to devote yourself to the record. A hard endeavour in this fast-moving time, those who succeed nevertheless will be rewarded with a coherent jewel of progressive metal

Father Golem’s I/O is an album I could see many prog heads enjoying. Hopefully they will get the recognition they deserve!