Band : Fjodor
Album title : Riding Through Black Hole
Label : Own Release
Distributor :
Release date : 2012
Review : CD-R

Fjodor are from Zagreb, Croatia, formed in 2005 by Ivan Beuc (guitar) and drummer Aljosa Reljic. One year later Mirko Golubic (bass) completed the line-up. From 2007 on the band consisted of five members also featuring Ivan Arandelovic (electric piano, synth) and Tena Novak Vincek (violin). During that period they recorded their first promo CD. Afterwards Fjodor went touring the Balkan with intense and recorded several sampler contributions. Adam L. Turjak (synth) joined in May 2011 and the same year they produced the self-released effort Riding Through The Black Hole which was promoted on their Scandinavian/ Baltic/East European Tour in August/September 2011.

So Fjodor have released their latest psychedelic trip into the unknown in the form of this CDR last year, that features five jams. The opening track is 14 minutes long and a slowly building piece. The first track “Astral erection” jams along to a kraut infected bass and drum beat and at minute 10 the guitarist kicks the pace up several notches into heavier space rock realm. Fans of Zu and Seven that Spells will love “Drugs and dragons” and “Dzinovi”,intense fucked-up freak outs. They feature a hodge-podge of solos, strung together in unpredictable ways, which gives the album a chaotic feel in places and becuz the production is average: it doesn’t help either. My favorite track is “Black hole” with its pulsating space guitars and brain searing wah'd and efx'd licks. They use the synths in an interesting and strange way in this music, usually just to fuck it up and make it strange. “Tsunami” is the longest journey on the record at over 18 minutes in length and a total wall of sound by the end. Intense!

Not bad, but there is plenty of room for their sound to grow and become more their own.