Band: GodHateCode
Title: Weltenschmerz
Label: Noiseheadrecords
Distribution: Noiseheadrecords
Release date: 14/04/2012
Review: CD

International act GodHateCode were formed in 2007 by guitarist Wolfgang Rothbauer, known from great acts like Disbelief, Thirdmoon, In Slumber or Eisblut. Soon after he wrote some stuff for this new project, he got in touch with guys from Sweden, Germany and Austria: (amongst whom) Pelle Ekegren (d) (think: Grave, Malfeitor, Mastication etc.), Philippe Seil (b) (Distaste; Distaste are a band Wolfgang is active with as live member as well), Armin Schweiger (also in Distaste, as well as Underground Groove Front or Afgrund), and Lukas Haidinger (idem: Distaste & Underground Groove Front, + Ultrawurscht, Gods Of Emptiness etc.). In 2008, Maintain Records released the band’s debut studio full length (Aeons), and soon after, the members started writing material for the sophomore album, indeed, Weltenschmerz. The guys entered the Soundspur Studio with Martin Zeller and the whole was finally mastered by Dan Swanö, you know…

Weltenschmerz stands for thirty eight devastating minutes of hateful Blast / Death Metal. In comparison to the acceptable debut, this sophomore one lacks of pure Grind-elements (even though it still does maintain certain lovely grinding filths and dirts ;o) ) [N.B.: the lyrics, this time completely in German, still are closely related to the Grind-scene, dealing with stuff like gathering flowers and new-born kittens – or not?]

GodHateCode’s Weltenschmerz still contains the destructive elements from the past, yet the whole is more cohesive this time. In general, one can consider it some sort of symbiosis of, especially, the Polish and American scene, and then I’m referring to respectively acts like Behemoth, Decapitated and Yattering at the one hand, and Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation (and maybe a hint of English supremacy à la Napalm Death, Anaal Nathrakh or younger act Trigger The Bloodshed). Yet despite these influences, the whole gets performed by that typical German Grundlichkeit, hehe. When I heard this recording the very first time, I was thinking about one of the many Italian bands that perform this kind of Blast / Death lately (memorandum: including many decelerations, which are grandiosely webbed into the complete situational condition), yet this act is far more American-inspired and, in several aspects, closer related to the Old School Grind-scene instead of Morbid Angel / Hate Eternal / Nile-alike technics. Unfortunately it also intercommunicates with a total lack of self-identification. On the other hand it does not matter for GodhateCode come with a creation of marvellous creations, one by one, and then I’m just talking about the album itself. A highlight, differing from these great works, is the last song, “Todessog”, a raw yet atmospheric and esoteric Symfo-Doom-Death highlight with haunting / floating keyboard lines and a slow, oppressive tempo – different from the other songs, yet with its bleak, ominous atmosphere a subtle yet grotesque occlusion!


Ivan Tibos.