Band : Homer
Album title : Grown in USA
Label : GearFab
Distributor : Clearspot
Release date : 2012
Review : CD

Talk about a totally obscure, underground gem of psych rock, this Texan band released this one and only album, then disappeared.

Warm passionate, powerful non-distortion rock that's extremely melodic with a large abundance of beautiful harmonies and hard edge featuring elements of Allman Bros, Free, The Who and a tad bit of Bob Seger. Opener "Circles in the north" really stands out as the most melodic and catchy track with some beautiful guitar moments; Grown In USA runs the gamut of melody and prog rock, from sweeping vocals to crunchy guitars, to ripping leads to highly produced emotional songs of undeniable beauty. The sweet vocals sung by three members guide the band into musical splendour with some bright moments like “Survivor” and “Cyrano in the park”.  While I do find some of the hooks and compositions to be a bit mediocre, the honest play and genuine passion of the band salvages even the weaker tracks; They were not out to blow your minds with wild prog/ psychedelic, they just wanted to bring some catchy, memorable songs into the world...

All in all, Grown in USA (reissued by Gearfab plus 10 extra bonus tracks)  is an essential purchase for followers of sixties psychedelic rock and for anyone who likes good music.