Band: King Fear
Title: King Fear
Label: Quality Steel Records
Distribution: Soulfood
Release date: 25/05/2012
Review: MCD

King Fear is the brain child of guitar player Mål Dæth. After he wrote some stuff that differed from his main project, Bullbar, he engaged two friends to take part of the finalisation of the material he created. The drum parts on this self-called mini-album were taken care of by Eisenvater’s Johannes Bonnin, who did work with Mål Dæth for Bullbar, and the vocals were recorded by Steve ‘Nachtgarm’ Marbs, who’s involved with, for example, Negator, Sanguineus, Nayled, Dämmerfarben, Diaspora or, last but not least, Dark Funeral. Mål Dæth took care of the production, but the mix and mastering were provided by Olman Viper, who did assist with Bullbar’s material before as well.

The fifteen-minute EP /MCD stands for monolithic and slightly artificial, yet über-technical (not progressive or experimental!) Black Metal, both down-tuned and uplifting, both modern and traditional, both evident and unexpected, etc. It sounds like the craziest Scandinavian acts – think Carpathian Forest, Bloodline or Diabolicum – yet less intense (unfortunately). What I do miss is persuasion. The intentions are satisfying, the implementation is not. No, it has nothing to do with the performance; it’s just a matter of boldness, and in this case it lacks of …

I don’t know what to add. It might have been a killer-release, but it is not. The aim is all right, but the whole needs some more of an own opinion. I don’t get the totality of this EP, it is much too incoherent and much too desultory, like some expeditiously assembly of well-meant trials, yet poorly-thoroughgoing effectuated. Let’s call it a ‘still-to-grow’-experiment with, for sure, a future in the offing. Benefit of the doubt… Therefore no score; let’s await ‘real’ material (promising, of course)!


Ivan Tibos.