CD REVIEW Kontinuum

Band: Kontinuum
Title: Earth Blood Magic
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: PHD - Bertus
Release date: 13/08/2012
Review: CD

Potentiam’s Birgir Thorgeirsson started Kontinuum a decade ago together with his Potentiam-colleague Kristjan Heidarsson (the latter also in e.g. Changer and Dark Harvest). Originally they created the side-project Pornea, but as a matter of fact, nothing really happened. Just recently, Birgir started writing new material for Kontinuum, and since the band recruited another Potentiam-colleague, Engilbert ‘Berti’ Hauksson, as well as Ingi Thor Palsson (with roots within the Hardcore scene from Iceland), Kontinuum finally seems to be a true musical entity on its own.

Kontinuum as musical entity can / must be considered a mixture of all (most) members’ former involvements, and much more than this. Earth Blood Magic comes close to an hour of duration, and it combines elements from Charger, Potentiam and Pornea, and probably some other stuff these Icelandic guys were involved with. Punky Death-Rock, groovy Sludge, Post-Rock, eccentric Prog, (Nordic) Black Metal, Stoner, Folk, psychedelic Sixties Doom-Rock or Goth stuff, combined within some melodic yet dark mixture of all this, balancing in between old styled and modern, both traditional and Post-oriented, rocking, alternative, metalized and experimental – it’s all part of the deal. Editors-meet-Solstafir, if you want to…

It is difficult to label this band, in case you want to do so, but it certainly isn’t easy, and at the same time very easy (the masochistic way!), to enjoy the totality just like that. More than a handful of listening sessions are recommended, and even then you will extricate new levels of abstraction and surrealism.

I’m speechless, I’m out of words, but if you’re looking for something really unique, let’s call it an honest mixture of Post-Metal in general with psychedelic and darkened spheres of creativity…


Ivan Tibos.