CD REVIEW Loverboy

Band : Loverboy
Album title : Rock’n’Roll Revival
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Belgium – Tone Entertainment
Release date : 24/08/2012
Release : CD

Loverboy is a band that might not be that well known in Europe, except when like me you already were around in the 80ies, the period when they were most successful and even scored a big hit with Working For The Weekend, but in the USA and Canada they are very famous and well known, and in total they have already sold some 10 million albums.

They haven’t released a new album for quite some time, the last one was in 2007 if I’m correct, and this album isn’t new either.  OK, it does contain 3 new tracks, but the other 9 tracks are older material, that has been re-recorded. So my guess is this is something for the die-hard Loverboy fans, since I already liked the original version of the old tracks, and the three new songs, although they’re quite good, are not as good as their older work.  As a matter of fact I find that Loverboy has lost some of his own identity, as they sound like Bon Jovi on some tracks.

Besides Ken ‘Spider’ Sinnaeve on bass, the band still is in the original line-up, with Paul Dean on guitars, Doug Johnson on keyboards, Matt Frenette on drums, and of course Mister Mike Reno on vocals, and a pretty good vocalist he is too.


Erik Morren.