CD REVIEW Mercury Falling

Band : Mercury Falling
Album title : Into The Void
Label : Phonotraxx
Distributor : Bertus
Release date : 02/05/2012
Release : CD

It's only every now and then that the German power metallers of Mercury Falling release a new record and so it is about time to welcome the band's fourth full length album in over fourteen years,  which goes by the title Into The Void. We had to wait six years for its release, counting from their latest release Human Nature, but it seems to have been worth the wait.

Mercury Falling can quite immediately be described as a true power metal band. However, on Into The Void, the band sounds a bit darker than we're used to. The main reason for this is the obvious introduction of the synthesizers, which have slightly altered the band's original sound. In addition, Mercury Falling has more and more opened its doors to other metal genres. On the album's song “Queen of Pain”, we can clearly distinguish the thrash metal influences. Just lend your ears to the riffs and you'll understand. This way, the band describes itself as a power metal band, but I would expand that term to dark power metal with thrash metal influences.

Although Into The Void might not be as attractive to most power metal fans at first, after a second listen, lots of fans of all metal genres might appreciate Mercury Falling's new release.