CD REVIEW Millencolin

Band: Millencolin
Album title: The Melancholy Connection
Label: Epitaph Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 29/05/2012
Release: CD + DVD

This year is Europe's biggest punk rock act's birthday ! 20 years of Millencolin. Their gift to the fans to celebrate this event is a CD containing fourteen songs and a DVD.

The Swedes got started in 1992, but really got to the surface with the release of Pennybridge Pioneers in 2001, which holds their biggest hit “No Cigar”. The DVD tells the story of making this break-through album and gives a documentary of last year's tour, during which they played the entire record each concert. The only pity about the DVD is that nearly all live songs come from the same gig in Germany. The DVD definitely is a must-have for the Millencolin fans. The CD contains two new songs and all other twelve tracks are B-side tracks or formerly unreleased songs. Although the fans will already recognize many tracks, it still is a nice addition to their punk rock collection.

This record only enlightens our thirst for an entirely new Millencolin album!


Nick Tronckoe.