CD REVIEW Necrovation

Band: Necrovation
Title: Necrovation
Label: Agonia Records
Distribution: Agonia Records
Release date: 26/06/2012
Review: CD

Necrovation’s second full length, after 2008’s Breed Deadness Blood (there was a mini-album in 2004 as well), is comparable to the debut, yet with more variation and, for sure, a stronger, more dynamic play. The quartet, nowadays consisting of former and or session / live musicians of Stench, Das Über Evils and Ulvnatt / Gravehammer, recorded the sophomore album with Gustav Burn, and the whole was mastered at the famous Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Desultory, Unanimated, Svartsyn, Destroyer 666 etc.).

The album, with a total running time of forty seven minutes, opens with “Necrovorous Insurrection”, combining the so-called Swedeath elements from the past with a new, more experimental (yet still old schooled) approach; the latter also comes in application to the production (which, honestly, might be too shallow and cavernous, unfortunately). It sets the tone for every single piece on the band’s self-called second album. The whole is technically performed (listen to those fantastic leads in most tracks), with a huge variation in speed (from slow over mid- and up-tempo, to lightning fast; and with a well-observed equilibrium on changes in tempo whole the time; this in contrast to Breed Deadness Blood). The whole set comes with a rather freezing, eerie approach, sometimes flirting with the borders of the Black-scene, and it might sound less chaotic than the debut as well. No, it does not mean that this album is an over-polished one. It just sounds better-structured and therefore less straight-to-the-devastating-point, less raw and merciless.

A considerable difference with the past is the evolution into a universal sound. Of course we’re still talking about a band that honours the Swedish Old School for sure. Yet it’s less prominent than before, by progressing into a sound and play that brings the scenes from The U.S., the U.K., Holland, Germany and Norway to mind as well. Especially certain grooves are trans-nationally in performance.


Ivan Tibos.