Band : Ohead
Album title : Visitor
Label : HeadLab Records
Distributor : /
Release date : 2012
Review : CD

Multi-composer Dave Hendry (Guitars, Bass, Synths and Programming) first conceived Ohead in 1996, though it wasn't until 1998 that the first Ohead CD Silent Universe was ready for release. Since then there have been a total of six Ohead CD's, plus the excellent Stella Polaris (later on review), another space rocking project and Transequence, a more electronic ambient trance project.. 

His most recent outing Visitor continues his dreamy blend of space rock, dub, electronic and fx alien influences. “Alluvial morte” is a fast paced melodic only-vocal track that reminds me a bit of old Porcupine Tree. “Solar glide” is a mellow and very cool synth-based track with a lot of psychedelic percussive aspects to it.  “Diadanze changes the flavour once again and is a quite laid back dub number but still very stoned and psychedelic and it features a guitar solo. “Utep” and “Space soup” have memorable Ozric-melodies and are very much in the Kitaro-ambient mould too. Ohead excel at creating alluring songs with Ozric Tentacles potential that are backed by intriguing electronica and wailing guitarsolo work that incorporates multiple sounds and styles. The lead guitar work by Tim Jones and John Simms (once of Clear Blue Sky) is fabulous, seemingly one foot on the pedal, one hand on the gliss bar, a mix of Dave Gilmour, Steve Hillage and Ed Wynne. “Jagged” maintains a metallized marching guitar beat riff throughout the song and includes an acoustic floating explorative middle part that gives it an acidic oriental quality.  The title track is an interesting track, having a Astralasia/Banco De Gaia feel, though it's all happening within a larger rocking cosmic whole. And dig that Hillage-styled soundscape guitar. The dub continues on the appropriate titled “Alluvial morte dub”, a very engaging song which is embellished by great saxophone by Spacey Rach. The dreamy flute by Maren Lueg and the soothing percussion give the last song “Manu” a World Music feel that I can't quite place.

If you're a fan of Ozric Tentacles, Dead Flowers, Nukli, Klaus Schulze or bands such as Astralasia, Banco De Gaia  or even Zion Train you'll no doubt find plenty here to enjoy. Check out his immense discography at (www.)