Band : Oxygen
Album title : Final Warning
Label : Escape Music
Distributor : Connecting Music
Release date : 22/06/2012
Release : CD

Musically there is nothing wrong with this album. It’s melodic rock with an ‘80s vibe. I even would dare to say I’m highly attracted by the music, but there is one thing that from the first song on almost made me puke. I’ll explain.

Whoever wrote the lyrics for these songs should be executed. It’s been years ago since I heard such cheesy lyrics in our beloved genre. I’m more used to this kind of lyrics in Dana Winner songs, but for heaven’s sake who had the idea to use such lyrics in a rock song.  I would have accepted this if this was a group made up of youngsters, but at least Mr. Tony Niva has been active in the music business since the late eighties, so you can hardly call him a youngster.

So as I said musically this is not a bad album, and even the rather high pitched vocals by Mr. Niva aren’t giving me any problems, but the lyrics are the downfall of this album. I hope that if they release a second album, they’ll think twice before penning down the lyrics. Or maybe they did that on purpose, and that’s the reason why they called the album Final Warning?


Erik Morren.