CD REVIEW Puteraeon

Band: Puteraeon
Title: Cult Cthulhu
Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Sure Shot Worx
Release date: June 01/06/2012
Review: CD

Swedish band Puteraeon was formed in 2008 by members of e.g. Nominon, Taetre, Thorium and Killaman, and I did really like their debut full length The Esoteric Order, which was recorded in 2010 and released through their current label early 2011 (review, professionally and pleasurely done and posted by undersigned on February 18th 2011), even though I did miss an own face for sure. Nice material, but so heard-it-before, I’m afraid.

This sophomore album was mixed (and mastered) again at Sonic Train Studios with King Diamond’s Andy LaRocque (think: In Flames, Nefarium, Rimfrost, Taetre, Lord Belial a.m.m.) and lasts for forty five minutes. In general, it is not that different from the previous full length, but the quality of both song writing and performance is a huge step forward. Still there’s no remarkable originality behind this Swedeath-terror, but almost every track sounds as massive, impressing and hammering as ‘sweet oldies’ like Nihilist / (very early) Entombed, Grave, Paganizer, Dismember, Unleashed, Nominon or Carnage. Besides, they cover their songs within a suffocative veil of oppression (read: it’s extremely obscure) and the songs are played with an increased technical experience. Not only every track is of a superb quality; they do differ a lot from each other as well – which is another positive evolution in comparison to The Esoteric Order. The tempo, the atmosphere, the melody-lines, the rhythm, the complete approach, everything has been invented and calculated ingeniously. And what’s more: it does fit. Despite the variety (oke, let’s not exaggerate, but I just want to pay attention to the development), the whole album is very coherent and cohesive, with sweet pleasures turning around the corner time after time.

Oh yes, on “Walking With Shadows”, nobody else but Rogga Johansson (think: The Grotesquery, Those Who Bring The Torture, Bone Gnawer, Paganizer, Killaman and tens of others) appears with guest ‘vocals’…


Ivan Tibos.