Band : Santana
Album title : Shape Shifter
Label : Sony Music
Distributor : Sony Music
Release date : Out now
Release : CD

Carlos Santana has been in the music industry since the sixties, and still regularly releases new albums. This album was especially dedicated to the Native American Indian and encourages everybody to acknowledge the first people of their land.

Even now that he’s in his sixties, mister Santana still shows he’s a gifted guitar player, who has soaked up lots of different music styles to incorporate into his own songs. There’s jazz, there’s rock, there’s a bit of native music as well and the list goes on.

What’s for certain is that he isn’t going to score another monster hit that will stand the test of times, but it’s become a decent album, with only one song that has vocals in it “Eres La Luz”, all the other songs are purely instrumental.

To sum it up : not an album I’d personally buy, but I would be glad if someone gave it to me as a present.  You see, I’m not that into totally instrumental albums, but that’s a personal opinion.


Erik Morren.