CD REVIEW Shattered Destiny

Band: Shattered Destiny
Title: Fragments
Label: Self-release
Distribution: /
Release date: 31/03/2012
Review: MCD

Formed last year, in 2011, by a certain JJ (music and lyrics, vocals and keyboards), this Shattered Destiny, and now releasing an EP / MCD with assistance of an international cast - the U.S.A., Russia, Scandinavia. The EP was recorded at different locations (Russia, U.S. and Sweden) and produced by JJ himself, with ‘spiritual guidance’ from Joacim Cans, + engineered by Dark Tranquillity’s Martin Brändström, and the result was mixed by Pontus Norgren (Damage Done Studio), whom you might know from HammerFall, Divine Fire or Humanimal, and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street (too many to mention, I guess…).

The four-track EP (twenty three minutes of duration) brings a technical and melodic form of modern (and at the same time: timeless) and universal Power / Heavy / Thrash Metal with some Epic / fantasy-influences. The whole balances in between ‘tradition’ and ‘progression’, and the rhythm varies from slowly pounding to up-tempo. The EP is not renewing in any aspect, but rather varied, which certainly is a surplus. Each song has its focus on a different angle: sometimes more thrashy (“Deceitful Heart”), Power-oriented (“Oblivion”) or (almost Traditional) Heavy Metal-based (opener “Welcome”) or a mixture of all this (like “Epilogue”, which adds other elements, like floating keyboards)…

In a way, Fragments can be considered a 21st-century’s mixture of, let’s say, HammerFall, Jag Panzer, Scale The Summit, Control Denied, Sabaton and Spellbound.


Ivan Tibos.