CD REVIEW The Cyborgs

Band : The Cyborgs
Album title : The Cyborgs
Label : Rude Records
Distributor : Sonic Rendezvous
Release date : 18/05/2012
Release : CD

Failing the necessary info, I cannot tell you from which parts of Italy this wacky Blues Rock duo comes, nor when exactly when they started roaming the Italian venues with their odd act.

You see, the lack of factual info, or purposefully hiding of it, of course has something to do with the funny gimmick the duo has invented to make their stage performances more interesting...and it also explains away the occasional electronics the band uses. You see, the duo, who go unnamed to current human standards, but call themselves Cyborg-0 (sings and plays the guitar with the thumb of his right hand) and Cyborg-1 (plays keyboard bass with his left hand, and drums with all remaining parts of his body), and they claim to come from our future, more specifically from the year 2110. How they got away from that and into current day history, is something left cleverly aside. What IS important though, is that in 2110 humanity has been successfully linked to cyber mechanisms, but in return our future is completely lacking of music. So, they came back from the future, and are now seeking information as to how to keep the Blues alive. And it seems like the best way to keep it alive for the future, was to create a paradox, by forming this duo of Blues musicians which have no business being here in the first place. I mean, just consider, if indeed their contribution to Blues music makes that this cultural heritage makes it through the ages prior to 2110 after all, then these guys will have created a paradox, and don't all theoreticians tell us that such a thing would create a knot in time which would wipe away both future and past together?

Well, it's only a good image, of course, and the duo has consistently kept the true identity of its constituents hidden by wearing black welder masks, enhancing the “mechanic” side of their appearance by making repeated haltering moves (you know “robotic” movements). Meanwhile, I can say with some certainty that the band's been together at least since November of 2009, provided they didn't start their MySpace page ahead of their existence. Anyway, to make the gimmick of their image even more striking, the duo has made their lyrics concurring to it, relating to their supposed struggles for Blues music in our future, and the fact that there's apparently no sunlight either, nor dreams (seems funny to me, that if something does not exist, hence no trace can be found of it...that one might miss that specific thing...but I'm just being semantic here, and stating the obvious fact that the image is fun as long as one doesn't think about it too much in details)!

Anyway, musically this is very nice music indeed! What you get are a total of 10 songs, of which two are revisited to make for more electronic versions (making for a grand total of 12 tracks). The album also sports a short instrumental with “Bag Time” preceding aforementioned more electronic songs. Funny too, because it's a solo on the piano, and a very nice Rag Time tune too! No matter what your musical preference, do not pass on the opportunity to get acquainted with this band's music, because it's really rather cool. As musical reference, you definitely might take an early ZZ Top by all means. To get you an idea of what they sound like, the duo has provided those who feel so inclined with the opportunity to listen to 5 songs off the album via their own website (www.) thecyborgsit. If so desired, there's also several videos (some for non-album tracks) you can view. On the band's Myspace page, there's an extra album track entitled “Dancy”, and the non-album “Doncha Worry Bout Me”.

Meanwhile, The Cyborgs are trying to enhance the chances of their mission, to keep the Blues alive for the future, by spreading the word outside the confines of Italy, seeking out gigging possibilities in the Swiss mountains (an obvious jumping board when one is from the North of Italy), and by the time this review is posted the duo will be back from a trip to Canada (where they played the Emerging Music Fest and some select venues in the cities of Quebec and Montreal. And that their other August performances all were done on other festivals, was a surefire way to ensure exposure to an as broad possible audience as well! Check it out, this band is too weird not to be heard!