CD REVIEW Thornafire

Band: Thornafire
Title: Eclipse Nox Coagula
Label: Australis Records - Ibex Moon Records
Distribution: /
Release date: 12/06/2012
Review: CD

The Chilean band Thornafire was formed almost fifteen years ago. The band toured a lot in, especially, South-American countries, yet they did visit Europe as well. Throughout the years, Thornafire did record several studio works (minis and two full lengths), mainly through John McEntee (Incantation)’s label Ibex Moon.
The same goes for the third full length, Eclipse Nox Coagula, which features new vocalist Christian Argandona (after original member Alexis Munoz left Thornafire at the end of 2011), and which was recorded during the first months of this year at the The Sade Studio in the capital of Chile, the city of Santiago.

Eclipse Nox Coagula is another testimony of why I do consider Thornafire one of the most impressing Death Metal bands from the South of the New World. Their songs are built up very intelligently and mature, with lots of variation (tempo and melody) and, which I do consider a huge surplus, it all comes with an own identity. Thornafire is not another South-American act that wants to sound like the influential bands from the North of America. On the contrary; these guys created an own sound, an own approach, which is, furthermore, rather unique though wayward and hard-mouthed. More than once, the band surprises with renewing elements, then again with slightly traditional yet undeniably well-advised parts. The technical aspects are nicely balanced, and correspond well to the rhythmic drive behind the entirety.

The lyrics come in their native tongue, i.e. Spanish, by the way.

The production is superb as well. The whole sounds concrete-heavy and massy, and at the same time enormously modern and present-day. That’s a nice element in combination with the timeless approach of the musical constructions for sure.


Ivan Tibos.