CD REVIEW Tombstones

Band: Tombstones
Title: Year Of The Burial
Label: Soulseller Records
Distribution: Sure Shot Worx
Release date: 20/04/2012
Review: CD

Oslo-based Tombstones (not the American Horror / Death / Thrash band with this very same name) (this act: Bjorn-Viggo Godtland-g&v, Ole Christian Helstad-b&v, and Jorn Inge Woldmo-d), were originally formed in 2006. They recorded this third full length Year Of The Burial (after the ingeniously entitled albums Volume I and, indeed, Volume II) live at the Caliban Studio in November 2011 with producer / mixer Petter Svee (mastering done at famous Strype Audio by Audun Strype).

Volume III, or better Year Of The Burial, which almost clocks forty minutes, stands for a mostly filthy and menacing form of (Traditional) Doom Metal with a massive and extremely sleazy and sludgy sound. The band adds psychedelic elements and seeks its main inspiration in the Seventies Doom glory. The border with the Stoner-scene is negligible too. Year Of The Burial might lack of originality, but the dark-edged intentions, the skilled and convincing performance-persuasion, and the ingeniously song writing (the latter means: knowing how to balance gargantuan heaviness with sober and monotone melodies) are more than satisfying. However, I can imagine a regrettable touch of ennui, for this act does not really exceed the grey masses with inventing own-faced grotesquery (in case this must be the aim). Yet as referred to before, I’m sure lots of Sludge / Doom / Stoner-fans will like this down-tuned collection of freezing elegance for sure.

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Ivan Tibos.