Band : Bad Ideas
Album title : Murder Of Gods
Label : Shield Recordings
Distributor : Shield Recordings/
Release date : February 2012
Release : CD

If I'm reading my info sources correctly, Leeds/ Lincoln based troubadour Sam Cook (stated as “...having grown up on a diet of Chicago based Punk Rock bands and being romanced by the rootsy, old school revival pf Folk and Country vibes creeping into Punk Rock music...”) has been going around in British pubs and small venues since late 2007, but it wasn't until early 2010 when he found the balance needed for this musical project (as portrayed by the Jan. 2010 release of the 5-tracked EP Dear Regret, which was re-issued on tape! in October of the same year by Fortyweight Records), which fills a gap between Punk Rock, Indie, and Folk.

Occasionally dropping the band to go out and play solo acoustic sets, Sam has seen several people come and go in the band line-up. Himself doing lead vocals (du-huh!) and playing the acoustic guitar, he apparently finds good backing in bassist friends James Cafferkey and Chris Colesman (whom apparently switch on a regular basis, depending on availability). Since early 2010, a couple of electric guitarists (no idea whome was the original one, but he was replaced by one “Alex from Jersey” by mid August 2010, whom himself was then replaced by one Vic at an undisclosed moment...the latter deciding to leave in March 2011) have passed by, with the enigmatically named Wiggles now fulfilling those duties. I'm not sure when exactly current drummer Peter Wright entered the fold. At any rate, the release of the EP got the band quite some touring dates (due also to the fact that the band signed onto the Crucial Talent Booking agency) during Fall 2010 in the UK (July) and Europe (some dates in Holland, Belgium and France in August, and more dates in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Slovenia from late Sept. into October – those dates would have included the aforementioned Alex, and a drummer by the name of Matt, whom had only recently joined). More info missing, I'm uncertain what the band (or solo artist) did gig-wize during 2011, or even when Sam got his band (in the persons of drummer Peter Wright, bassist/ backing singer James Cafferkey, and one James Cook on piano accordion, plus some extra backing singers) into the studio to record his project's debut full-length (which was apparently co-released by the Dutch Shield Recordings, Swiss Bad Mood Records, and German Fond Of Life Records). In fact, With a release date of February 2010, I failed to find any info (on either the band's facebook or MySpace page) about gigs/ festival dates/ tours already done in support of the album.

Stylistically, Bad Ideas' music comes pretty close to that of that other British Post-Punk bard, Frank Turner. Most songs indeed get a nice electric guitar backing, which is however never dominant. In the songs “Sink Or Sink” and “A Brand New Second Attempt”, the electric guitar participation is even diminished to a minimum (to just a 35-second passage in the latter case, to absolutely nóthing in the first), making for another comparison with Turner. For you pre-buying listening pleasure, the band posted 3 songs off their debut EP (none of that material is featured on the full-length) and 4 songs off the album at (http://) Find another song (“Comfort Medicine”) off the album at (www.) No additional audio material at (www.), but at least you get some short-term live dates.