Band : Colobar
Album title : Behind The Veil Of Oblivion
Label : Spectatral Records
Distributor : Spectatral Records
Release Date : 27/04/2012
Release : CD

If you can call Colobar a real band that is a question I’ll leave open. Anyway this album Behind The Veil Of Oblivion is a project that was entirely produced by Bulgarian musician Angel Angelov. Not only did he do the production, but he also wrote all the lyrics, and recorded a whole lot of instruments himself. The vocals were handled by Carl Sentance

It must be said that Mr. Sentance sounds a lot like Joe Walsh from Kansas, and not only the vocals remind me of Kansas, but there is also some musical similarity.  You only have to listen to the keyboard parts in the second track, and the similarity becomes obvious. With only seven tracks, and a playing time of just above 40 minutes this album might seem a bit short, compared to today’s standards. But who cares, when we were young, we only had LP’s, and we would have been lucky if each LP had contained 40 minutes of music in those days.

Musically this is progressive metal, with influences by many other musical genres. The vocals may be a bit on the weak side, but overall it’s a very decent album.


Erik Morren.