CD REVIEW Dawn Of Disease

Band: Dawn Of Disease
Title: Crypts Of The Unrotten
Label: NoiseArt Records
Distribution: Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertainment
Release date: 23/04/2012
Review: CD

Germany’s Dawn Of Disease were formed almost a decade ago, yet besides a mini-album in 2004 (Through Bloodstained Eyes, released through Unstoppable Media), the band didn’t really impress. In 2007 they did split up.

2009. Vocalist Tomasz decided to reform Dawn Of Disease with new members (and one who joined the band shortly before the split), and later that year a first promotional four-tracker got recorded. Things seemed to work out pretty positively, and in Summer 2010 the quintet entered the well-known Soundlodge Studio (Supreme Pain, God Dethroned, Sinister, Dying Humanity, The Seventh, Izegrim a.o.) to record the official full length debut Legends Of Brutality. The Swedish approach was remarkable for a German act, yet rather successful it was as well. And now the band is about to release the second full length, called Crypts Of The Unrotten, done again with Jörg Uken at Soundlodge.

The sophomore album, which lasts for forty two minutes, opens with an instrumental guitar intro (“Descent Into The Abyss”), melodic and timeless, flirting on the edge of Thrash, Heavy, Doom and Death Metal. Yet as from the second track on (“Alone With The Dead”), one might forget, and doubt / deny, the German origins of Dawn Of Disease. My sweetest Unholiness, “Legends Of Brutality” sounds like a Swedish recording from the first half of the nineties (or earlier). Tracks like afore-mentioned “Alone With The Dead”, “Enter The Gates”, “But Death Goes On” etc., are constructed with the same ingredients that made the Swedish scene so ‘wonderful’: brutality going hand in hand with melody (other scenes ware / are not always able to combine these two into perfection), the variation in tempo (even though the core gets focused on speed-up energy), the raw and rusty sound (yet the decent way, not a primitive garage or back room production from Old Times), the deep, blood-dripping grunts, the razor-sharp solos, and so on; it’s like Stockholm, Uppsala, Umeå, Lidköping, Eskilstuna, Boras and every single worthy Swedish spot of importance on the Death Metal-map did move towards Germany???...

Crypts Of The Unrotten stands for amazing Retro-Death for fans of, let’s say, everything in between Unleashed, Repugnant, Dismember, Vomitory, Grave, early At The Gates and (even a hint of) Amon Amarth (even though Dutch acts like God Dethroned, Grind Minded and As It Burns come to mind as well).


Ivan Tibos.