Band : Destine
Album title : Illuminate
Label : Rude Records
Distributor : Sonic Rendezvous
Release date : 15/05/2012 (originally slated for March release)
Release : CD

By their own confession, Destine is a copycat band, claiming to be “...Holland's answer to bands such as Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low...”! Now, before that intro invokes into the reader any feelings of anger (for whatever reason), let me say right-ahead that, in emulating those band's styles, this Dutch quintet (consisting of lead singer/ guitarist Robin van Loenen, guitarist/ backing singer Hubrecht Eversdijk, keyboardist/ backing singer Laurens Troost, bassist/ backing singer Tom Vorstius Kruijff, and drummer Jordy Datema) doés bring some very tasty music indeed!

Destine was started in 2007, when the quintet immediately recorded and released their 5-track A Dozen Dreams EP, and worked their asses off playing as many gigs as possible. Their live successes attract the attention of major record label Sony, with whom they sign in December 2008. The band is then sent to Orlando (Florida), where they record their debut full-length Lightspeed album under supervision of producer James Paul Wisner (whom before already recorded with the likes of Paramore and New Found Glory, among others). Releases of the 4-track EP In Your Arms, 2-track single Stars, and the 1-track singles Spider and Down (all songs featured on 'em would later appear on the full-length) see the light of day prior to the album's Dutch release in February 2010, and all of 'em not only make the charts (the album itself peaking at #22), but also get a lot of radio airplay (single Stars is featured for over 9 months on all bigger Dutch radio stations), and enable the band to play at such renowned festivals as Lowlands, Noorderslag, TMF Awards and Pinkpop. Two videos (both recorded in San Francisco) become YouTube hits, getting over a million views, and the video for “Stars” even gets a nomination for Video Of The Year at Dutch MTV music channel.

All this culminates in ticket sales for the band's first headliner tour of Holland in early 2010 resulting in 12 sold-out shows. In November that same year, the album was therefore quite justifiably released in 13 other European countries. Besides their numerous domestic shows (sharing stages with the likes of Green Day, New Found Glory, the band's own number-one heroes Paramore, Fallout Boy, and All Time Low) the band goes on to play in over 15 European countries during two full European tours with UK's The Blackout and Attack! Attack!. Then the band's song “In Your Arms” is featured in the computer game Pro Evolution Soccer, and due to the game's popularity the band again gets increased attention from people all over the world. In early February 2011, the band sets off on a short Scandinavian tour (after having to add a date due to popular demand), and works off two German festivals in April and May's Bevrijdingsfestival, before traveling to the Orient to play their first short tours in Japan and China (and do some shows in Indonesia and Hong Kong) during Summer. They follow that up with an appearance at the Czech Republic's most popular festival Rock For People.

Meanwhile, preparations for a new album were well under way, with recordings again done in Orlando by James Paul Wisner and David Bendeth (of Paramore, Papa Roach and All Time Low fame – on a selection of tracks), and a single off the new album for the track “Stay” was already released in June 2011...and a single for “Thousand Miles” and followed within the same year, namely in October. In October, the band also already did a full-blown Dutch headliner tour. Single Night Skies followed on March 7th (same month as the originally planned release date for the album), and in the meantime the list is enlarged with the post-album release of single All The People.

Compared to previous material, the new album is said to be “...even more dynamic and layered, whilst still retaining the band's trademark catchy hooks and melodies...”, and while I might check that by listening to the music posted in the “Discography” section of the band's own site (www.) (where one can also listen to all songs on the new album – darn, I dó think I forgot to check whether those are samples or full-length versions!), we'll simply take that statement as gospel truth, shall we (not that I am religious in any way...after all it's just a saying)? Truth is, the band's music IS nicely layered (without being encumbersome), the tunes àre extremely melodic, and there IS also a high sing-along factor thanks to the nice harmonic backing vocals. So, if Melodic Post-(Pop Punk) Rock is your thing, then by all means, dó check out this band! Oh...and if you're interested, the band released a DVD named FOOTPRINTS: A Year In The Life during March of last which, featuring loads of behind the scene footage, documents on the band's life on the road.