CD REVIEW Inner Blast

Band : Inner Blast
Album title : Sleepless Monster
Label : Infektion Records
Distributor : Infektion Records
Release Date : 09/07/2012
Release : EP

Inner Blast is a band that hails from Portugal, and was founded in 2006.  They play gothic metal.  The band consists of three men, and two women, one of whom, Liliana is the vocalist.

While there is nothing wrong with their music, the same cannot be said about the vocals.  If you’re used to goth metal à la Within Temptation, or Epica, to name a few bands, with Inner Blade you’re in for an – unpleasant – surprise.  The music is not special, using all the clichés from the genre, but the vocals….  My god.  This lady does not manage to keep her tone, to be honest she even sings false.

My verdict: this album sucks.  Find yourself another vocalist and start again from scratch please.


Erik Morren.