Band: Lody Kong
Album title: Bird
Label: Unsigned
Distributor: /
Release date: Demo
Release: CD

We all know legendary metalhead Max Cavalera and all of his projects. We also know that his family has inherited the music genes, so with pride he presents to you: Lody Kong. The band were one of his sons plays in. Unfortunately the band is still in the beginning of his start but the experience that they got from there father you can hear this but it’s still some original and got their own sound. This can be a band to watch out for the next years certainly with a good label and a good management around them. A new young generation is born in the scene and with a total different eye on the music.

Honest it’s not that bad, its clearly metal, but very experimental with lots of acid elements. I give them a 10/10 for originality, but the way is still long to go to the top. Bud I believe in this young generation you cannot go back in the time and always compare to the big metal bands from ’80 or ’90. This is a new generation and we must have respect for them also.