Band : Otehi
Album Title : Noisy Spirit
Label : Ozium Records
Distributor : Ozium Records
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

From what I could tell, Otehi from Rome, Italy altered the consciousness of all that heard them, and rightfully so. As expected, the music contains a more than fair amount of psychedelia. Short and sweet: Otehi’s music is like a spaced-out fuzz mix of Farflung, Hawkwind, Kyuss and Insider. And that's about as spaced as they come. “Monolith & Monolith” starts out with heavy guitar riffing and repetitive monotone cool vocal harmonies. “Savage land” sounds like a brain-melting reworking of Kyuss“Demon cleaner”. “Noisy spirit” has weird sound effects and melodic descending guitar riffs combined with mantra-vocals that unexpectedly sound like a Om-outtake, while “Desert rider” boasts experimentalism reminiscent of Melvins.

Another bonus is that while the recordings from Noisy Spirit have a lot to be desired in recording quality compared to modern standards, these guys give you the old fuzz package in the recording quality it deserves.