Band: Primate
Title: Draw Back A Stump
Label: Relapse Records
Distribution: Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertainment
Release date: 09/07/2012
Review: MCD

There are several bands and projects with the moniker ‘Primate’, yet I do only know, and pay attention to, the same-called Grind-act with Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher, or the Chicago-based Death Metal solo-project of (a person called) Urko (with an album released in 2008, called Human Pinata). There is a Groove Metal-band called Primate as well from Chile that used to open some gigs for Sepultura during the earliest nineties as well, for example, but besides those references, I cannot recollect any worthy blablabla…

This Primate, however, hails from Atlanta, and it is a project with e.g. Brutal Truth/ Venomous Concept’s Kevin Sharp in its ranks. The Draw Back A Stump-EP was originally self-released, yet Relapse were so kind to re-release a remixed and re-mastered version for the Mass. …with obeisant gratitude…

This extended / expanded version consists of ten tracks that last in between one and three minutes, so one might think about some early Carcass/ Napalm Death/ Brutal Truth-alike Gore/ Grind-act. However, what Primate bring is a mixture of melodic and grooving Punk/ Hardcore with some hints of Grindcore, Crust and Thrash’n’Roll. It sounds timeless yet with a focus on the glory of the earliest years (and then I’m referring to the eighties-era), and it sounds trans-national (and not just North-American, as one might expect; in fact, I do hear the eighties’ scene from countries like the US, the UK, Germany and the whole of Scandinavia, amongst others, all in one, yet with a primal focus on the American, though).

Undoubtedly a MUST for everyone who can appreciate this kind of Metal-laden Eighties Sleaze/ Groove/ Punk/ Grind/ Crust/ Hardcore!


Ivan Tibos.