Band : Scar For Life
Album title : Behind 3 Minute Silence
Label : Infektion Records
Distributor : /
Release date : 10/09/2012
Release : CD

If you can call Colobar a real band that is a question I’ll leave open. Anyway this album Behind The Veil Of Oblivion is a project that was entirely produced by Bulgarian musician Angel Angelov. Not only did he do the production, but he also wrote all the lyrics, and recorded a whole lot of instruments himself. The vocals were handled by Carl Sentence

The album opens with “Last Crow”. When I heard this song I thought reviewing this album would be a hard job, what might have been the case if the other  tracks had been in the same vein, but luckily this was not the case. As a matter of fact to me it seems as if this first song belongs to another album. The vocals on this first track are harsh, raw, with lots of shouting. But with track 2 things brighten up again, the vocals become more or less normal.

Musically this is melodic metal, not overly complicated.  So skip track one, and instead enjoy the other tracks on this album.


Erik Morren.