CD REVIEW Six Feet Under

Band: Six Feet Under
Album title: Undead
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distributor: Rough Trade Benelux – Tone
Release date: 18/05/2012
Release: CD

Death metal behemoths Six Feet Under are back with their new album called Undead, their ninth full-length album in their career. The band is led by the one and only Chris Barnes with his powerful and instantly recognizable voice. The band returns with an overhauled line up that sees them reinvigorated and hungry for some of the most brutal and guttural music they have ever made.

The record is actually already out for some time, but i couldn't get my hands on it until now. As always this band delivers their goods. The promise of death metal as it should be. This is a masterpiece. Unmistakable due to their sound, this could be very well their downfall swell.

Some bands style and sound shift abbot as they continue to make music, but not for these guys. Still the same style and sound as back in the days. Fans will love it, non-fans won't hear the difference between this album or the previous. But still a kick ass record.