Band : The Order
Album title : 1986
Label : Massacre Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 27/0/2012
Release : CD

Fourth album by these Swiss rockers, and the album title exactly epitomizes the content of the album.  Eighties style hard rock and heavy metal.  I her hints of Krokus, but also of Cinderella, and even some Mötley Crüe  comes crashing through the speakers from time to time.  But Accept also comes to mind, as does a whole lot of other bands.

The vocals are type casted for this kind of music if you ask me. The rest of the band does an equally admirable job on this album.  This is music that is just calling out to be played live.

If you’re into eighties metal and hard rock, this is a must buy.  It’s nothing original, but it’s well written and played.


Erik Morren.