CD REVIEW This Routine Is Hell

Band : This Routine Is Hell
Album title : Repent. Repeat
Label : Shield Recordings
Distributor : Shield Recordings
Release date : 12/04/2012
Release : (Mini-) CD / 10-inch LP

My personal acquaintance with this very find Dutch “Melodic Hardcore” act goes back to their previous release The Verve Crusade, and in the review that “full-length” debut (posted 18/04/2010) I gave a detailed history-of-the-band. I wish I could tell you what's been happening with the band since, but regrettably both the band's own website (www.) and the site specially created for the album (www.) were temporarily unavailable when I went a-checking for info.

A couple of days later though, I discovered that both pages are the same, where one is enabled to listen to all songs on this EP (warning: start the player, and the songs keep coming at you in a continuous loop, over and over again), while reading the lyrics (that's not something you get at the release's page on bandcamp, but then again there you càn also listen to the complete 2010 full-length debut (that's just over 17 minutes' worth of music), and gets some (dated) gigs apointments. From the band's facebook page comes the info of the bandmembers' full names being singer Noam Cohen, guitarist Bram van Montfort (aha...namesake of debut album's recorder/ producer Nico van, I presume!?), bassist Boy Tillekens (replaced Mark from Sandbox Rebellion, whom formerly occupied that position), and drummer Boris Brouwer.

Stylistically speaking, nothing's changed: with the likes of Minor Threat, Paint It Black and Panic as main influences, the band alternates calmer and moody passages with uptempo smash-in-your-face melodic hardcore tunes with screamed vocals, thus still very much resembling what their cited influences did in the past. Obviously, you either love, or dislike this kind of music. Personally (and I repeat myself), I am very much ínto what this band does. In fact, I wish the album could've been a bit longer...but beggars can't be choosers, and I am therefore happy enough with the offering. I'll even grant this mini-album an honarary place in my 2012 year-lists, and retro-actively upgrade the band's debut album to that same status (for the year 2010, of course