CD REVIEW Tomorrow’s Outlook

Band: Tomorrow’s Outlook
Title: 34613
Label: Battlegod Productions
Distribution: Plastic Head Distribution / Bertus / Twilight / Sure Shot Worx / H’art Music
Release date: 31/05/2012
Review: CD

Tomorrow’s Outlook are a (True) Metal project with an international cast. The music on debut album 34613 (which is some kind of slang for ‘eagle’) was written by Trond Nicolaisen (who also wrote the lyrical themes, with assistance of a couple of other musicians, and who took care of the production) and Andreas Stenseth, who also provided the bass parts on this album, and co-produced this album. Vocals, drums / percussion and guitars were recorded by Music artists from all over the world, during a period of several years, and amongst these ‘artists’ are some ‘huge’ names. Let’s see…
The singers that contribute on 34613 (which is so-called leet-speak for ‘eagle’) are: Norman Kiersnowski (ex-Altered State, Deadly Blessing, Faith Factor), Graham Bonnet (MSG, Rainbow, Impellitteri, Alcatrazz), Michael Kiske (Helloween, Avantasia, Unisonic), Mike Gorham (Without Warning, Abodean Skye, Autumn Silence) and Scott Oliva (Oceans Of Night, The Nightmare Stage etc.); Mike, Graham and Norman also worked on the lyrics. Guitars were performed by Sami Saarinen (Status Minor, King’O’waR), Michael Harris (Vitalij Kuprij, Darkology, Arch Rival, Thought Chamber) and Øystein Kvile Hanssen (Cyclophonia, Cat Eye, Dominion Red; he wrote some lyrical parts as well). And the drums, finally, were provided by Mike Haid (Southern Gentlemen, Michael Harris, David T. Chastain) and Charlie Zeleny (Behold… The Arctopus, Jordan Rudess, Joe Lynn Turner, Blotted Silence). Quite an impressing bunch of Metal musicians, apparently?...+ mix and mastering: Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering. [note: I have to admit I didn’t know all of these names, but at least a limited excerpt from the bands they are involved with]

Does it promise a strong recording therefore? That’s another question, of course. Because no, it is not a satisfying result.

I think, and I know some people who are ‘into’ this specific genre (see further) do agree with me, that the main problem might be the total lack of ‘balls’. The songs are way too superficial, too passionless, too empty and ‘hollow’ to outreach the scene. The classical Hard Rock / Heavy Metal has its highlights for sure; a couple of outstanding guitar solos are above average, for example. Yet both song writing and performance -and the latter is disappointing for such a huge cast- lack of energy and persuasion, unfortunately. Besides, it has been done a hundred of times before – think about the likes of Crimson Glory, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall or Impelliteri; even earlier Queensryche or a softer Helloween might come to mind. And what about the few childish would-be ballads – no further comment…And when it comes to the production, well, it’s much too goody-goody, and infantilish-poppy too. Also no further comment.

Mainstream Classical Power / Heavy Metal, yet only for the ‘real’ fans…


Ivan Tibos.