CD REVIEW Arc Of Ascent

Band : Arc Of Ascent
Album Title : The Higher Key
Label :
Distributor : Clearspot
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

Less than two years ago, Arc Of Ascent produced their debut album, the powerful Circle Of The Sun (30/05/2010). Now, reinvigorated and ready to strike again, The Higher Key like Circle of the Sun boasts a strong Spine Of God/Blues for the Red Sun/Space Ritual influence but somehow expands on it, giving the entire CD a powerful, mammoth trippy sound that surrounds the senses and draws the listener into its cosmic universe.> Hypnotic is a good word to describe this actually, every track really does have its own higher key and the likes of ‘”Celestial altar”, “Search for liberation” and “Through the rays of infinity” literally turns things to gold. All the normal effects of space stoner are present in spades, heavy wah wah laden guitar work mixing in with chugging booming bass lines, all powered from behind by thunderous doom laden drums.

Crank it up – the only way to really enjoy the songs and sounds of Craig Williamson, John Strange and Sandy Shaare,