CD REVIEW Bang Tango

Band : Bang Tango
Album title : Pistol Whipped In the Bible Belt
Label : 78 Productions
Distributor : /
Release Date : 16/03/2012
Release : CD

Bang Tango is a band that could have made it, but never really did.  I’m pretty sure they have a strong fanbase, and a will of iron to keep on making music and touring, ‘cause it won’t be for the money they earn with it.

Of the original 80’s line-up, only frontman Joe Leste has left.  But this has not much changed the way they sound.  They still play hard rock/glam metal, with a groovy funky touch to it.  When listening to this album I get the 80’s feeling back, since it sounds very 80’s.  There are some very good songs on this album, one of them being ‘Have You Seen Her’, a very nice, slow ballad.

As I said before, this band showed great potential, but never quite made it.  I guess with this album, although it’s not bad, they will not make their breakthrough either.  If you like to taste something original now and then, grab a copy of this album – that is if you can find it, guess you’ll have to order it somewhere.


Erik Morren.