CD REVIEW Carmen Gray

Band: Carmen Gray
Album title: Gates Of Loneliness
Label: Sony
Distributor: Sony
Release date: 20/04/2012
Release: CD

Carmen Gray is a rock band that was formed around the summer of 2000. At that time, the band consisted of only three of the current members, Lappe, J.J and Pete. Later on that year, Nicklas joined the band. In early January 2003 O.J joined the band. O.J brought the music together and created the sound that the boys had searched for a long time.

After O.J's arrival, the band immediately started to look and sound better and even score a record deal.
In May 2005, the boys finally found a fitting name, "Carmen Gray". Later in 2005, the boys started to reach further success when they signed a record deal with Sony.

On this new record of them, they try to combine various music styles from the 70's, the 80's and the 9'0s such as: classic rock, pop-rock, melodic rock, hard rock, garage rock,… It also seems they have like to use catchy hooks, melodic music, simple song arrangements and even like to keep it a bit emo now and then. Well this is definitely not for everyone since it is "soft rock", but that doesn't make it a bad record. This record’s really enjoyable when you want to hear something different and calmer.