CD REVIEW Channel Zero

Band: Channel Zero
Album title: Live at the Ancienne Belgique
Label: CNR Records
Distributor: Concreteweb Promotional Office - Tone
Release date: 04/07/2012
Release: CD + DVD (re-release)

If you are from Belgium, than you just know them, but for those out there who don’t know. Channel Zero was a metal band from Brussels in Belgium and our biggest export product in metal and music. They were one of the best known heavy metal bands from Belgium and were often referred to as "the Belgian Metallica." They disbanded at the height of their career in 1997 due to some internal problems, but in 2009, the band announced a series of reunion gigs in January 2010 and later on a tour. Not with the original line up, but with Mikey Doling (ex Soulfly) on guitar.

Unfortunately they only had 6 shows and with such big news they were sold out pretty fast and a lot of people couldn’t go. But luckily, the guys recorded every one of the six concerts and made a live DVD and CD. It has been a while since the release of that record (digipack), and the guys decided to re-release it for all their new fans they made since then. They played a lot of gigs and festivals since then so they wanted to remind people of their epic return.

I went myself so the DVD is fun to watch and look if I can see myself as I can imagine a lot of other people do the same thing. The CD is just fun to hear, all of their classics and live, what more do you want? Now doing something like this always has its pro’s and con’s. You always have a crowd that’s never quiet and you can hear some small mistakes here and there. But in the end this is just something that awesome and epic that you just can’t leave this album in the store. These are Belgium’s finest musicians (+ one American) and are part of our legacy in the metal scene. On the other hand, fans will probably have this record already.